Finn has graduated to scent training!

In the video (link below), you can see Finn jump up and lick at his trainers hand. Prior to starting this training, his handler was required to collect saliva samples with cotton balls when her blood sugars were within certain ranges. These samples were collected and stored in the freezer for over a course of 6 weeks time. They were then shipped while frozen and on dry ice, to the trainer. These are what you see in the video in the mason jar. The trainer rubs the cotton ball on his/her fingers and the dog picks up the scent and alerts. So he is being trained with his handlers actual scent. How amazing?!

Finn has been doing a great job in training and has officially passed both his obedience and public access testing! He is now officially in scent training and has been working on his active paw alert training and basic recognition to scent. Finn has been working on pawing as an alert when an out of range high glucose level is detected, detecting out of range scents while in the down position and getting up to alert, alerting to high scent sample in higher distraction environments, and reinforcement of public access and obedience commands.

Next week, Finn will be working on simulated night alerts, detecting both high and low samples in public locations, maintaining a down stay for extended periods of time on a bed, and maintaining a down stay with with people moving around him.

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