He’s not just a handsome face - he’s smart too!

Finn is another week closer to coming home and we can’t wait. Wondering what he’s been up to the past week?

Finn has been working on not bumping into shelves or interacting with merchandise, not interacting with other people unless instructed to do so, not licking or closely sniffing food or other items in store, appropriate behavior and sitting position on an elevator, maintaining the heel position walking on stairs at the pace of the handler and stopping as the handler stops, and appropriate restaurant behavior such as going under a booth/ sitting politely next to a table. Training locations have included Downtown Summerlin, a medical building, Ace Hardware, Arby's, and Subway.

Next week, Finn will be working on maintaining a down stay while around moving objects such as skateboards, bikes, carts, suitcases rolling around him, a person running by, practicing appropriate restaurant behavior including not begging or attempting to eat or closely sniff any food on the floor or on tables, leave it with food items that may fall from the table, maneuvering into restroom stalls and maintaining a sit stay while the handler washes hands, and exposure to sound of a hand dryer.

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