Shake off your Monday blues, we have a Finn pupdate for you!

Finn has continued to practice obedience commands in public in order to build confidence, reliability, and consistency this week. He has been working on recall in a higher distraction environment, leave it with items dropped in front of him, walking next to a shopping cart, sound sensitivity, touch sensitivity (misc. objects touch the dog), maintaining a down stay for an extended period of time on a dog bed and in public, and off leash heeling from one aisle to the next. His training locations have included Target, Goodwill, Best Buy, McDonald's, Maurice's Clothing, Lowe's and Smith's Grocery store.

Next week, Finn will be working on maintaining a down stay with people walking by, stay with distance, maneuvering to sit in front of the handler while the handler looks at items on a shelf or while at a checkout register, down stay while the handler is looking at things on a shelves in the same aisle, recall walking past distractions on the floor, leave it with treats in front of him and items dropping in front of him, continued practice with sound and touch sensitivity, sitting politely while being pet by strangers, and heeling next to the handler who carries plastic grocery bags.

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