Who’s ready for the weekly Finn pupdate?🐶🐾

We simply can not wait to meet this handsome fella!!

Finn has been working on entering and exiting the vehicle in a safe and controlled manner, working on appropriately entering and exiting a building, exposure to various sounds he will commonly come across in public in order to be desensitized to sounds that may frighten or excite him, walking next to traffic to be desensitized of traffic sounds, sitting politely while being pet by strangers, walking loose leash heeling in a controlled manner through new slightly busier stores, and maintaining a down stay with people moving around and next to him. His training locations this week have included Cafe Rio Mexican Grill, CVS, Hobby Lobby, a local busy street and Target.

Next week, Finn will be working on recall in a higher distraction environment, leave it with items dropped in front of him, walking next to a shopping cart, sound sensitivity, maintaining a down stay for longer periods of time on a dog bed and in public, and off leash heeling from one aisle to the next..

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