Finn Pupdate

Finn has continued to practice all of the commands that he has learned up to date. Finn practices all of the commands in drill spurts throughout the day in both familiar and unfamiliar places. He has also been practicing doing puppy push ups. This has Finn going from a sit to a down and then from a down to a sit upon being given the command. This drill is done to allow him to become reliable with the command as well as to increase the speed the command is performed. Finn also continues to practice the important skill of recall with slightly more distance and with a bit of added distraction and stay for up to 30 seconds. He has also been practicing to sit in front of his handler after coming when called, leave it with various food items placed in front of him and has been working on "load up" and staying calm once in the vehicle. Training locations have included a local fire station, Home Depot, and Petsmart.

Next week, Finn will be deliberately exposed to various floor textures including sand, grass, moving floors, wood chips, grated floors, rock, etc. Although he may have been exposed to some of these along their training so far, this week ensures that Finn has experienced all of the most common textures he may come across. He will also be working on maintaining a stay for longer periods of time with increased distractions and movement around him and walking next to increased traffic sounds on a busy city street.

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