Finn Pupdate

Finn has continued to practice walking loosely on a leash, the commands of sit, watch me, take it, and let's go. He has been learning the "leave it" command in which the dog learns that the item the handler has said to "leave it" can not be touched, tasted, or smelled. Finn has also begun learning the "down" command this week, how to appropriately "say hello" to people and other dogs when the handler has given him permission to do so, appropriate behavior while being pet by a stranger, the "heel" command, and the "load up" and "wait" commands in a vehicle. His training locations this week have included the trainer's house, local neighborhood, the park, and Petsmart.

Next week, Finn will be combining commands in order to build reliability and differentiate between commands. He will do this by performing drills that will have him leave items told to "leave it," eat treats told to "take it," while loose leash walking and auto sitting sporadically throughout the drill. Finn will also be introduced to the commands of "drop it" and "stay" in a sit and down position, and how to heel off leash.

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