Finn Pupdate

Finn has continued to get used to being handled, walking loosely on a leash, and has continued to practice the commands of "sit" and "watch me." He has begun to learn the "take it" command, how to auto sit when the handler stops, the phrase "Let's go" which tells him that we are about to begin walking, how to get on a dog bed upon command, and how to enter his kennel upon command. Finn has been practicing sitting and waiting politely before being allowed to eat his food. This is practicing the very hard skill of patience. His training locations this week have been the trainer's house, local neighborhood, and the park.

Next week, Finn will be introduced to Petsmart where he will practice the commands he has been learning up to this point. During his training program you will see the same commands continued to be practiced in various locations. This is important because dogs do not generalize like humans do and therefore must be taught to generalize. Once they have generalized a large quantity of behaviors in many different scenarios and locations, they will begin to do it on their own, especially if the behaviors are similar. Not only will they continue to reinforce the commands they are learning, but they will be learning a skill that will allow them to take what they have learned and be comfortable and confident in doing it wherever they go.

Finn will also be introduced to the "leave it" command, begin to socialize with new people, will learn how to appropriately "say hello" to people and other dogs, the appropriate behavior while being pet, and will be introduced to the down command.

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